The 'It' Indoor Plants of 2021

The "It" Indoor Plants of 2021

As a result of us spending a lot more time at home last year, houseplants are on a big time comeback. 2020 saw a resurgence in their popularity and this year it does not seem to be slowing down. The hot picks for 2021 include big, leafy plants like Philodendrons and Alocasias. Hanging plants like Linear Hoya and Hanging Hearts are also expected to make a comeback. Here is a short list of the trending plants predicted to be this year’s superstars!

Calathea Rattlesnake (Calathea Lancifolia)
This plant’s patterned foliage and deep purple underleaf makes a statement, even in the simplest pots. The Calathea Rattlesnake’s leaf pattern resembles a rattlesnake tail, hence its name. This calathea is a great plant for beginners because it will tell you what it needs. If the leaves droop, just add some filtered water and watch them soak it in. Filtered water is key, as this plant is very sensitive to chlorinated water which will cause its leaves to brown along the edges. 

Lady Palm (Rhapis Palm)
This plant has become an instant bestseller because larger floor plants create visual interest in a room. The Lady Palm is a fan-style palm that is native to China and the far east. It is relatively easy to grow as long as it receives bright, indirect sunlight. It prefers moisture and humidity and can get brown tips with irregular watering and overly dry air. 

Polka Dot Plant (Begonia Maculata)
This year fancy foliage is taking center stage. The Polka Dot plant is a prized find for houseplant enthusiasts. It features beautifully silver spotted leaves with red undersides. It is a striking indoor plant. Polka Dot plants like bright, indirect light, well-aerated soil, and moderate temperatures. Hint: let the soil dry out between waterings.


Elephant Ear (Alocasia Regal Shield) 

Elephant Ear plants are popular landscape plants because of their large leaves and height. They are also easy to grow indoors in bright, indirect light. This plant can grow up to nine feet tall making it a real focal point in any room. It does need extra TLC though, but well worth it. It is suggested that you use potting soil with a lot of organic matter that holds moisture. Larger pots are preferable, as they are easier to keep moist.

Sterling Silver Scindapsus (Scindapsus Treubii 'Moonlight')
This plant is causing quite a stir among houseplant aficionados. It is relatively uncommon in the trade and hard to find. It is a slow-growing plant with dark green foliage that has a silvery sheen, and is adaptable to various light conditions.   

Are you decorating with houseplants more now? Let us know your favorites in the comments below.


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