National E-mail Week!


Hey, did you know that the second week in June is e-mail week; BORING RIGHT? Not entirely! We have an entire week dedicated to the technological advancement that changed the way we (or most of us) communicate. Whether it is a message to a co-worker regarding the docket of duties for the day, connecting or re-connecting with friends and family, E-mail is a tool for fun and business.

Have you ever wondered where the very first email came, where it was sent or what it said? The answer may surprise you.

E-mail was originally a messaging system called ARPANET (Advanced Research Project Agency Network) and used by the U.S. Department of Defense. In short, e-mail was never a one-time invention but rather a culmination of several innovations that evolved into a user-friendly form of communication.  So the first message sent via “e-mail” was “qwertyuiop” or something similar as a test in 1971 by Raymond Tomlinson.  Tomlinson also was the first to use the “@” symbol to identify the host computer from which the e-mail was sent.

Did you know?

  • The most common password used to protect an email account is “123456”
  • Yahoo is the largest webmail service.
  • The term “spam” mail is thought to be derived from a Monty Python comedy sketch.
  • Over one trillion e-mails are sent per year. (90% of those e-mails are spam or viruses.
  • 77% of us prefer to receive marketing messages via email; and there’s no close second place.
  • 3 minutes of every hour US Internet users spend online is spent reading or writing email.
  • The Pope has an e-mail address. It’s [email protected]
  • 294 Billion emails are sent every day.

email photo

Here are few links you can follow for some great tips on how to make your e-mails stand out!

Visit this site for a ton of really interesting facts and e-mail tips to make your tele-communications more productive and fun!

How to make your messages stand out in a cluttered inbox!
E-mail tips for career planning
Making e-mails stand out!

Fun e-mail templates to spruce up your e-mail! 

Microsoft outlook templates
Free e-mail templates
E-mail campaign templates

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