How Trees Can Affect The Value Of A Home

How Trees Can Affect The Value Of A Home 

Trees help the environment by producing oxygen, conserving water, stabilizing the soil, improving air quality, and providing a habitat for wildlife. Trees provide shade on hot, sunny days, and add beauty to our homes. Healthy, mature trees on your property can affect its value too. Find out why here.

Trees Affect Property Value | Beautiful, well maintained landscaping attracts homebuyers, and the visual appeal of trees is undeniable. Arbor Day Foundation research shows that planting large trees can increase a property’s value by up to 15%. Trees are often a key factor considered by appraisers when determining the value of a home. Trees affect your energy bills too. In warmer months, cooling costs tend to be lower for properties with ample tree shade. And, some trees can provide protection from wind in the colder months, helping energy costs as well. 

Removing A Tree Can Increase Property Value | Of course, removing hazardous or dying trees can increase a property’s value. Dying trees present a risk of falling and creating property damage. Look for signs of distress, trees in poor locations, and trees with expansive root systems. The latter can pose a risk to your home’s foundation if the tree is located too close to the house. When in doubt, it is appropriate to hire the services of a professional arborist. Note: not all tree service companies have certified arborists on staff. 

Trees That Can Add Value To Your Home | Select trees that have suitable root crowns, look great, and are low maintenance. The types of trees you plant will depend on your location, but a few that are recommended by arborists and landscape designers alike are ornamentals, maples, elms, oaks, and hickories. Arborists also suggest visiting a local park or botanical garden for ideas. This will also give you an idea of how the trees will mature. Consider downloading a plant ID app to your phone when on these trips. 

Trees To Avoid | Non-native trees should be avoided, as well as trees that attract invasive pest species or are prone to disease, and trees that require significant maintenance. The Arbor Day Foundation developed the U.S. Hardiness Zone Map using data collected from over 5,000 national climate data stations across the continental United States. This map can help you determine the types of plants and trees that will survive and thrive in your location. 

Selecting The Right Trees For Your Home | Start by learning about and understanding your local ecosystem, and the tree species that are native to your region. Decide on the look that you want to achieve, this determines size, color and other tree attributes. Also, think about the life cycles of the trees you select. If you like oaks, are you ready to pick up acorns? Is the tree self-pruning, or will it drop large branches link sycamore and pecan trees often do. Do your homework. It is always a good idea to consult an expert arborist to help you determine which trees are best for your home. 

Although not tree professionals, our REALTORS® and local home appraisers can offer suggestions based on experience with numerous properties in our local area. Use them as a resource as well. You can be connected with one of our REALTORS® by contacting us here.

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